Dr. Himelhoch and the team at Smiles in Framingham are proud to offer top orthodontic treatment with 3M Clarity Advanced Clear Aligners! Due to the popular demand for clear aligner technologies, we are proud to bring forth our clear choice for orthodontic treatment. 3M Clarity Advanced Clear Aligners have arrived.

Framingham Meets 3M

3M Clarity Advanced Aligners MA3M is our number one choice. This technology is clearly the winner! 3M Aligners are an extremely subtle and effective way to combat various orthodontic scenarios. These aligners are extremely practical in both the material in use as well as the software. The software allows for versatility in how treatment ensues. These are a great choice for treatment that remains under the radar. 3M makes these aligners specifically for both orthodontists and patients. They are guaranteed to give you a great result while using a comfortable product. 3M stands behind their product, and we have been waiting for this debut. While you wear these aligners, your teeth will gradually be guided into their proper place. You can see as your teeth become straighter and healthier. Others around you will wonder how your teeth look so great! You can tell them it’s thanks to Smiles in Framingham and 3M Clarity!


3M Clarity AlignersAt Smiles in Framingham, we believe that all patients deserve to be able to access great modern care at an affordable cost. Today, clear aligners are more affordable than ever. Patients have multiple ways to pay for these aligners, and they are a viable option for most forms of treatment. If you have questions about how clear aligners work, how much clear aligners cost, or anything else related to orthodontics, we are here to provide you with an answer. Be sure to also check out the 3M Clarity Advanced Clear Aligners Brochure.


Benefits of 3M Clear Aligners

3M Clarity Advanced Clear Aligners treat a variety of different orthodontic scenarios. When you have a brand with as high a reputation as 3M, you know you are receiving a high-quality product. One that delivers results no matter the situation. 3M aligners are great if you are seeking to close space between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and correct many other bite problems. By perfecting your smile with 3M you will have an overall healthier and happier mouth. Your whole body will thank you!

These aligners are also removable which makes caring for your teeth a breeze. There has never been a better time to learn more about these aligners and make your smile as beautiful as can be. For the most aesthetically pleasing and finished results, it has to be 3M Clarity Advanced Clear Aligners. Contact Smiles In Framingham for more information on what makes 3M a clear difference in orthodontic care. Learn more!


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