Clear Aligner Options in Framingham, MA

Considering Aligner Options in Framingham, MA?

There are many different clear aligner options in Framingham, MA. Here at Smiles in Framingham, we specialize in more than just one type of treatment. You may already be familiar with Invisalign clear aligners. Now, there are some new technologies besides Invisalign entering the market which are worth considering. Smiles in Framingham is lead by Dr. Deborah A. Himelhoch. Dr. Himelhoch is a fully board-certified dentist, orthodontist and Harvard graduate. It is her mission to stay on top of modern orthodontic treatment and to find great solutions for all of her patients.

3M Clarity Aligners

3M clarity aligners are making headway in the orthodontic world. Made of 100% translucent high-quality materials, these aligners are held to the utmost standard. Creating 3M aligners that are both durable and comfortable, we can provide a unique product to prospective patients. Progressive software from 3M is user-friendly in an orthodontic office setting. By measuring progress through the software we are better able to calculate your results. This means that your time in an office chair declines. Many qualified orthodontists endorse this product. We look forward to giving patients another option to consider. When it comes to your oral health, there is no one size fits all approach. You should explore your options. In conclusion, 3M Clarity Aligners are a great choice to consider when thinking of aligner options in Framingham, MA.


Since 2006, ClearCorrect has been delivering high-quality products to orthodontists everywhere. Millions of aligners have been worn by patients everywhere. We create our aligners using only the best quality crack and stain-resistant polyurethane. Founded by doctors right here in the U.S.A. By offering great service, and great software ClearCorrect makes a positive impact on patient’s lives and orthodontist’s lives. It has never been easier to combat common orthodontic issues using ClearCorrect. Contact Smiles in Framingham for more information on ClearCorrect clear aligner options in Framingham, MA.


Invisalign clear aligners are a solution for many patients seeking orthodontic care. Researched and designed for over 6 years, over 260 materials were put to the test to find the best. The result was a material both effective and comfortable. Truly a great product with a lot of support behind it. When considering Invisalign clear aligner options in Framingham, MA, you should first speak to a qualified orthodontist such as Dr. Himelhoch.

Seeking Treatment

Smiles in Framingham is ready to take your orthodontic aesthetic to the next level. By utilizing clear aligner technologies patients can see results without seeing the hardware. Dr. Himmelhoch and staff are here to answer any questions you may have pertaining to dental or orthodontic treatment in Framingham, MA. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start your orthodontic journey.