Dental Exam

During a dental exam, we evaluate your needs as a patient and introduce all of the proper oral hygiene and healthy dental habits you’ll need for that happy and healthy smile you’re looking for.

For younger children, the appointments are usually very short and sweet, where we evaluate dental development and check for any decay. Children 2 years and older will be given the appropriate dental cleaning and fluoride treatment. We provide dental cleanings and fluoride treatment for children from Framingham, Southborough, Ashland, Wayland, Natick, Marlborough, Hopkinton, Holliston, and the surrounding areas.

During dental examinations, Dr. Himelhoch will perform a full and gentle check-up to observe both the development and growth of the teeth, mouth, and gums, and look for any progressing or occurring problems.

If any problems are found during the examination, we will discuss the available options, and help determine the right treatment plan for you.

We want your child’s visit with us to be a positive experience. In order to prepare them for their appointment, discuss with them what will occur during their visit. Explain how going to the dentist is a part of growing up, and that the dentist is going to help make their teeth healthy and strong. Avoid words that may remind them of pain, such as “shot” or “hurt”. If you show excitement and are upbeat during your discussion, chances are your child will be too.

Dental Cleaning and Dental Exam

Dental Exam
Dental Exam

For most children, the AAPD recommends a dental check-up at least twice a year. Regular teeth cleanings can help remove the bacteria, plaque, tartar, and other toxins, that cause tooth decay and cavities. Regular trips to the dentist will also help instill good oral hygiene habits in your children. Dr. Himelhoch and her team will help instruct children on proper brushing and flossing, which will lead to cleaner, and healthier teeth and gums.

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