My Orthodontist Mentioned Ceramic Braces…What Are They?

Finally, not all braces are associated with bulky metal smiles and awkward teenage years. Now, you can straighten your teeth with comfortable, clear ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are the perfect alternative to metal braces for adult patients and teens looking to get straighter teeth without attracting tons of attention. Dr. Deborah Himelhoch of Smiles in Framingham is here to explain what ceramic braces are so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not ceramic braces near Hopkinton, MA are the right orthodontic treatment for you.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces, also sometimes referred to as clear braces, are braces which are made of a clear, ceramic material. This material is used because it is supposed to match the color of your teeth to make it look like nothing is there. They are attached to the front of the teeth the same way as traditional metal braces; each bracket is connected to a tooth and connected to the other braces by a wire which is continually tightened to receive the desired results. However, one major difference between ceramic braces and traditional metal braces is that because of their material, ceramic braces are more fragile and do require a bit more care. Ceramic braces are different from Invisalign because Invisalign is removable while ceramic braces are permanent in your mouth for the length of your treatment, unless otherwise noted by Dr. Himelhoch.

What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces offer many advantages over other orthodontic systems. First, they provide a virtually invisible way to correct all kinds of cases from overbites to crooked teeth. This specific treatment has more advantages than Invisalign because Invisalign, while clear as well, can only treat specific, less severe cases. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are removable and therefore more prone to being lost or misplaced. Ceramic braces, however, are permanent and therefore cannot be lost. Finally, another advantage to ceramic braces is their material. Because they are made out of ceramic and not metal, there is no metal to cause painful poking and prodding.

How much do ceramic braces cost?

Ceramic braces range in price. Dr. Himelhoch works with each patient individually to create a customized orthodontic treatment plan that will work with the patient’s needs. Generally speaking, ceramic braces cost around the same as traditional metal braces. If cost is an issue, Dr. Himelhoch and the team at Smiles in Framingham can work out a plan so that you receive the perfect smile at the end of your treatment. What about insurance? Smiles in Framingham takes a number of insurance plans as well as a number of different orthodontic treatment payment options.

Ceramic braces are a perfect alternative for those who want traditional metal braces without the bulky metal. Dr. Himelhoch of Smiles in Framingham near Hopkinton, MA wants to make sure that you receive the smile you’ve always dreamed of. For more information about ceramic braces or to schedule a free consultation, call 508-872-0555!