Five Smile Tips & Tricks Celebrities Use

Dr. Deborah Himelhoch and the staff at Smiles in Framingham near Marlborough, MA help their patients achieve red-carpet-worthy smiles through orthodontic treatment with braces and Invisalign. Maintenance of the teeth and gums is important in keeping one’s smile camera-ready, even for the close-up shot. Fame requires diligence to achieve, and so does a celebrity-quality smile.

What makes a celebrity-quality smile?

Celebrities cannot count on Photoshop anymore to give their teeth their whitest, straightest, healthiest appearance possible. Most people have a camera on them at all times now, and having complete control over how one looks on social media is not possible. Selfies, candids, and even hidden cameras can all betray a less-than-perfect smile. Dr. Deborah Himelhoch helps public figures and celebrities achieve beautiful smiles that are the envy of any ambitious publicist or press representative!

What do I have to do?

   • Brush, floss, and rinse your teeth and gums after each meal and before bedtime, or at least twice a day. Plaque, tartar, and food debris collect on the surfaces and in between teeth and between braces. Left to themselves, these materials feed the bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay and bad breath. Keeping the mouth free of this material is key in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 

   • Visit your orthodontist regularly. Follow a conscientious appointment schedule with your orthodontist. You should be seeing your doctor every eight to ten weeks for a tightening or new aligners and a check-up on your orthodontic progress. 

Where do I start?

Not everyone is born with a set of perfectly aligned teeth. Straight teeth function more efficiently, are easier to keep clean, and look naturally appealing. Often times teeth need guidance to grow in straight. Braces and clear aligner systems like Invisalign can help patients achieve a more functional and attractive smile. 

Why should you choose Invisalign over ? Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is a great alternative because the clear aligners are invisible. The best part is that Invisalign is removable, so it’s possible to take them out for a picture-perfect photo-op!

Regular dental cleanings with your dentist is a crucial part of keeping your teeth clean, free of debris, and safe from decay. Additionally, an in-office tooth whitening procedure with Dr. Deborah Himelhoch will vastly improve the appearance of your teeth. A set of bright, shiny teeth will go a long way in making a statement about your overall health and personality!

A celebrity-quality smile is as much about attitude as it is about white teeth. The correct position, good condition, and uniform shade of the teeth equip the patient with the confidence to smile big and brightly. Sparkling and straight teeth are the wow factors that put your beautiful smile out to the world and set a great first impression. During a complimentary consultation, Dr. Deborah Himelhoch and the staff at Smiles in Framingham near Marlborough, MA perform a thorough examination and recommend treatments that can improve one’s smile. For more information or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us at: 508.872.0555