What’s the Difference Between a Pediatric Dentist and a Regular Dentist?

What’s the difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist? 

Like a pediatrician, a pediatric dentist specializes in the special needs of kids. Following dental school, they receive two to three years of extra specialized training, working with kids, and their unique needs. During this time, they learn the best methods of care for:

  • infants
  • children
  • teens
  • children with special needs


Also, your pediatric dentist can handle all dental care for kids, from routine to emergencies. Often, they work closely with pediatricians and general dentists who may refer patients to them.

Sometimes, a general dentist is comfortable working with small kids. However, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to handle their unique needs, including behavioral challenges and childhood stages.

From Birth to Teens into Adulthood

From the time kids are born to the time they leave for college, a pediatric dentist continues to provide care. Sometimes, kids with special needs may continue to benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist as they become adults. The doctor knows their unique medical history and can provide the ongoing specialized treatment they require.

At Smiles in Framingham, we are unique in that Dr. Deborah A. Himelhoch, DDS MS, MMSc, is board-certified with over 37 years of experience as a pediatric dentist and orthodontist. Thus, your whole family can enjoy the best care in one family-friendly, comfortable location.

Making Your First Experiences The Best Possible

Often, kids can be nervous about dental care. By choosing a pediatric dentist, you choose an expert on making the experience a positive one. Pediatric dentists know how to work with kids in a reassuring, positive, and calming manner. Should a problem arise, they are uniquely skilled at how to resolve issues quickly.

At Smiles in Framingham, your first experiences at the dentist can go smoothly. Rather than something to be anxious about, your visit can be educational, rewarding, and even fun. Dr. Himelhoch and our caring, experienced team focus on making your experience the best possible in an environment designed with kids in mind.

As we know, good first impressions are critical. By choosing a pediatric dentist, you can get off to the best possible start.

Creating a Foundation of Better Oral Health for Life

As kids lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth come in, it’s essential to get off to the best start. Your pediatric dentist can ensure oral health is optimal and prevent problems before they can start. Thus, your child can get the best chance for a lifetime of better health and beautiful smiles.

From the age of one, a pediatric dentist can help your child avoid cavities, gum disease, and a wide range of oral health issues. By scheduling your first appointment around the first birthday, you can avoid problems. As you continue to schedule checkups, you encourage better habits that can lead to adulthood.

At Smiles in Framingham, we always focus on making sure your visits are positive, educational, and comfortable experiences. Thus, rather than dreading a visit to the dentist, it becomes something to be proud of as you take care of your family. That’s one reason why we often see multiple generations of families in the Framingham area.

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